1014 Enjoy life as you have it…

This morning I went to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital. That’s him of the microscopes you know, for my four-monthly check of the PSA. They follow me and I follow them. They have been renovating since 2012, both indoors and outdoors. New rooms, new floors, for the fight against cancer can not be state of the art enough.

There is now a brand new parking garage, with reed covered I believe. It is a pity that you still have to walk in a swing from the P to the hospital, because they obviously give the cars priority, but well. I like to cut a curve and at linear recta that is not possible. The coffee is hot and bitter and the wait never really takes me too long, you rest and you do your duty, but in the end it’s my turn and I tell the doctor how it goes – well and a little emotional, doctor. Doctor Wit says that the PSA increases and that it is time to change medicine. So now I get other pills and that may help me again. I actually feel fine, but I go home a bit moody.

I then just drop by at the befriended family doctor, who sees it all a lot more rosy and gives me years of pleasure. I let me measure my blood and heart right away. 100/60 is very nice for a 64-years old and oxygen saturation is at 95%, is also very nice for a former chain smoker and the heartbeat is something I think 65 or so, I forgot. In any case, the doctor is completely happy and who am I then as a patient to be sad about that. Moreover, the more limited your time is – and that gets less and less as you get older, ill or not does not matter – the more reason there is to embrace and emleg life, because that’s possible too, I read in the Elegance, which I have still left behind for the others.

Tomorrow is also the King’s birthday and we will dress up in orange because of this festive occasion. Sofieke sells treats at bargain prices on the Beestenmarkt, so I would say everyone come over and enjoy life, with a good book or something like that. It may look like a long time, but afterwards it’s only very short.

Ate Vegter, April 26 2018

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