1569 Harrods and Brexit

Yesterday, after a busy day visiting some friends, I fell asleep in front of the telly watching the news and some sports. When I awoke there was an interesting documentary going on about Harrods, the most famous department store in London.

They told about the history of Harrods and showed its royal connections with neighbor Buckingham Palace and of course it was the oldest and the biggest and the most expensive department store ever. I think they have never been in Dubai, but okay.

Anyway. I myself was shopping at Harrods in the late seventies. I had been living and working in Israel in the kibbutz and made some friends over there and some years later we bought a car together, a green Ford Escort station car, I bought it from a friend of my father, and together we went to France that summer and that winter we went to London in the same bloody car to visit our kibbutz friend John, who happened to live in London.

I can remember that easily, because you have to drive on the wrong side of the road and in de the middle of London I parked at a yellow line. We felt the need to visit Harrods urgently because for Christmas time they do their utmost to make everything happen and so we joined the party as well. I remember I almost left the building without buying anything and suddenly I felt that was not a good decision, so I went back and bought a soft red cottage-shaped tea cozy, that I never have used.

When we got outside, the car was gone. I went to the police station and told them my car was stolen. The friendly woman checked their card system, there was no computer whatsoever, and then suddenly her friendly face frowned: ‘Your car was not stolen. It was taken by the police.’ I had to pay a fat fine to get it back. I used a girobetaalkaart to pay, knowing that that was not a valid payment, but she accepted it for good. It was never debited from my account.

And that’s all I remember from our visit to Harrods. We went to Johns place and he put the kettle on to make some tea. It didn’t even snow at the time in London, but it is a nice documentary to see and you can still do so if you have Uitzending Gemist. Have a nice day and remember that even today they will fail to vote in favor of Brexit. They will stay forever. Mark my words.

Ate Vegter, 19 oktober 2019


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