1959 Trump or Biden

The sizzling tension continues for a while. How do they get it to open the news with the heart-stopping race to the White House that’s still not over? Biden is creeping up to the presidency and giving a reassuring speech to everyone, and Trump is being taken off screen by NBC as he re-starts over millions of fraudulent votes.

Where do they get the scriptwriters today who have so many new cliffhangers lined up, or should you say they’ve been hanging on the same cliff for three days without anyone getting bored, when everyone’s been done with it for days. You don’t know.

What I do wonder is that the state score has been the same for three days now. Four states are still undecided. Trump has an ever-narrowing lead in three, and Biden still has a shoe-length in Nevada. They are still counting there, but obviously not so fast. This morning, Georgia had counted 99 percent of the vote. What are they doing? Where do they get all these boxes full of voices? How is it that 48 states do all the work in one day and four states need four days? Those are questions that keep Trump awake. He’s got his lawyers ready not to acknowledge that he’s going to lose. He knows, like everyone else, that he’s lost, because otherwise you don’t have to drum up lawyers, it seems to me. Threatening the judge doesn’t make sense if you think you’re going to win.

So everyone plays the game and two old men hold the world in their grip again. What a relief it will be when the battle is decided. Then we’ll have to wait until Biden is truly sworn in on January 20th, if they both make it, because you can imagine, given their efforts, that one of them will die before then. I didn’t predict it, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Ate Vegter, 6 november 2020


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