1992 The Praise of Lesbian Love

Dear brothers and sisters, today is the perfect day to speak about the trinity of God as we know it from Christian tradition.
– Yes, but Reverend, what does the Trinity have to do with lesbian love?
– Everything, sister, but be patient.
– Yes, but Pastor, how about that, because you can say anything.
– That is true brother, but it is more blessed to listen than to speak, so shut up for a moment. I’ll explain it to you and I’ll take you to the Bible, because it contains everything. The Bible is a very thick book, consisting of two thin parts. Part 1 is about the fall and part 2 is about redemption. You could also say, in part 1 the man makes a mess of it and in part 2 salvation comes through a woman and a child. The rest is all stories. These are necessary because people have difficulty believing the basics and want to be entertained with a story, preferably every day.

The first part is therefore about the fall. God creates heaven and earth and the whole rataplan in the beginning and He also creates man, a man, Adam. Adam immediately starts to complain that he is alone and wants a woman, just like the animals. And God gives the man a wife and then the trouble starts. Things already go wrong with the first couple. Woman allows herself to be seduced by the serpent, that is evil, no one knows how that arises. Then woman seduces man, man eats it and then things really go wrong. They see that they are naked, they have to get out of paradise and the entire Old Testament is actually full of the stupid things that the man does and a few stories of wise women like Ruth and Rahab. God is very busy to keep man on the right path and at some point he is done with it and says, I am going to save the world with a woman, watch my Word.

Then part two begins, the New Testament. God will let it out of his mind to start over with a man. He now begins with Mary, a woman, an unmarried woman, a girl, the New Translation says. Jozef is there but is literally out of the question. God wants to redeem the world through a child and Mary becomes pregnant because the Holy Spirit comes upon her. The Holy Spirit is the most feminine element in the Holy Trinity of God. Anyone who thinks that heterosexuality is the norm and that you can only conceive a child within marriage and that pregnancy always requires a man, please read your bible, especially Luke 1:34 and 35. Salvation comes through an unmarried girl. Without a man, gentlemen.

And so lesbian love is the love of redemption, homosexual love like between David and Jonathan and Jesus and John may be there for fun, and with heterosexual love you get into trouble, as we all know. If you do not believe then you know that all love is equal between all people, but if the Bible is your book then you should embrace lesbian love, because it alone brings salvation. Amen.

Ate Vegter, December 4 2020

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