2045 A day butterfly

If I were in charge and the Beneficent One would even listen to his Ear, I would like to return after my death like a day butterfly. It could also be a mayfly, but if you can choose between a fly and a butterfly, the choice is not difficult. There are several reasons to choose the life of the day butterfly.

Firstly, I like the prospect of, while in the morning you can only crawl over twigs and eat leaves and your greatest achievement is having chewed a pretty nice hole in a green leaf, then you have the prospect that you can fly in the afternoon, which is of course unsustainably great. Imagine taking a nap at noon and then emerging and flying an hour later! That would seriously make it onto the six o’clock news, wouldn’t you think? And for butterflies this is the case all day long, throughout their lives.

That they live for one day is the second argument for me to choose them. Imagine, it is early in the morning, it is still dark, but as soon as you are born it starts to become light, you crawl around and, I already said, then in the afternoon the sensation of your life takes place, you fly around and in your old age it starts to get dark again and you die in deep darkness. One sunrise, one sunset, one afternoon tea, everything happens only once in your life and before you can complain about it, everything is over. Fantastic right?!

That is a lot better than eternal life, which would bore me endlessly, and remember that all those stories about eternal life take place in the here and now between birth and death. No one can remember his birth and no one is dead at all, so don’t worry about it because you don’t know anything about it. Enjoy life as it is and think of the one day butterfly that is born again every day.

Ate Vegter, January 23, 2021

House on the canal:

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