2135 The Japhet Bank

It is a beautiful time in the kibbutz and we enjoy it very much. In the beginning it is a bit uncomfortable, but soon we get used to the rhythm of working, eating, swimming, chatting, sleeping. When we get to know the kibbutz a bit and have seen the swimming pool, a new rhythm with nightly parties in the bomb shelter arises.

Air-raid shelters are ideal for parties, if you don’t think about the purpose for which they were built. They are just big enough for good company and well insulated. Here you can run the Rolling Stones late into the night, without bothering anyone who wants to sleep. And when shit hits the fan, you’re already in the right place. In the four months that I have been living in Kibbutz Lahav it has not once happened that we really have to hide and I also cannot remember any serious exercise, that was different in my military service. However, the frequency of the bomb shelter parties does increase with the speed of light. In the end, we party every other night, because we also need a day to recover. There are regular collections to fund the parties and when Jon and I throw a party we collect not only Israeli pounds, but also a few dollars, $ 41 to be exact.

Before we go shopping in Beersheba, we go to the bank to exchange. I don’t remember why we do that twice, but we exchange forty dollars for 367 pounds and then another dollar, which, according to the receipt, should yield 9.25 pounds. The cashier counts out £ 925 for us, and we leave the bank. What a joke! We suddenly made $ 99! Or have we darkened it? We are too flabbergasted to say anything about it and go shopping first. Half an hour later we are caught by a bank employee. Of course, he got caught and was sent to find us. We go with him meekly back to the bank. We follow him into the bank, which is immediately locked by the manager, causing me to snap something.

I explain to him that he doesn’t have to treat us like thieves because his own employee made a mistake. Anyway, my anger is going down fast too, and we returned the $ 99, they weren’t ours anyway. We paid for what we spent too much out of our own pocket and celebrated it generously. I have never forgotten.

Ate Vegter, April 14, 2021

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