2141 The Shtisel family

Sad and shocked, stunned and disappointed, I found out during the last credits yesterday that this is the last part of the series Shtisel. I really have to realize that this is the end and convince me by looking at the three recommendations at the bottom of the screen, what they do when you are at the end of a series. We have already seen one of those three and I am surprised that they recommend something that we have already seen, but I conclude that it is because we watch at different accounts. I also hate it that you watch a bit of a series and that you don’t want  to see, that they keep nagging you to watch them.

Anyway, back to the Shtisel family. How I enjoyed them and how I learned a lot from them: parents must give their children the space to develop. I have my preferences for certain characters, and I hate some of the roles because time and time again they reason completely from themselves and seem to have no regard for what the other wants, but they may be pursuing a higher goal. I also laughed a lot, at Shulem of course, who is a comedian in daily life, he really has the laugh on his ass if I may put it that way, but also about his brother, which I feel sorry for as pathetic as he is. Akiva is of course the great hero of our story, who illuminates the image as soon as he enters a scene. What a wonderful man! I don’t want to disturb the illusion, but if you look at Youtube or IMDb who are playing these roles, you will see what a great acting work is being put on the table here.

If you’re thinking what is he talking about, go to Netflix, find Shtisel and watch. It’s the best, most moving and most surprising series I’ve ever seen, and I don’t like to exaggerate. Not a single plot twist turns out to develop as you expect. I don’t want to post any spoiler here, but you don’t know what you see. Have a look and enjoy. You will have no regrets. Hardened Shtisel viewers will certainly want to confirm that.

Ate O. Vegter, April 19, 2021

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