2426 The Dead Sea

On Sunday I happened to see a documentary about the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, where mister Zoutewelle, head of the Petra School, drowned in 1973 and in which I almost fell over in 1977. The Dead Sea is slowly drying up and that is not good for nature. You might say, we can miss the Dead Sea like a toothache, but the drying out creates large holes in the area around it, for which roads have to be closed. Now nature always recovers in its own way, but people don’t have that patience and want to make the world and life their own way. You see that everywhere. Often in vain, but often with success.

A lot of water has to be carried to the sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and sea levels are still falling (the Dead Sea is not the saltiest sea). Now they want to pump 200 million liters a year through a pipeline from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. To draw attention to this problem and its solution, an environmental organization of Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians called Eco Peace has organized a coast-to-coast swimming competition in the Dead Sea. Anyway, organizing something like this is very complicated, because you can’t just go for a bath, you need a permit and an entire organization and then one of the initiators had to drop out at the last minute for health reasons and yes, then you have the drama on the rails and you have to make sure that not everything falls into the salt water.

I enjoyed watching it, as I often watch Israeli documentaries, especially to hear the language again: boker tov, manishma, bruchim habaïm, toda raba, ata Ate? Ken, ani Ate, shabbat shalom etcetera. At one point one of the swimmers shouted: “Efo, efo haëretz Israel?” “Where, where is the land of Israel?” And at that moment I knew that I would like to return to the land of my dreams one day, back to the kibbutz, back to Lahav, Dimona, Dvir, Beersheva, Tel Aviv. Back to Jerusalem. It’s not necessary and I don’t know exactly with whom and when, but maybe it will happen later, when it’s possible again. I’m hopeful, because when this lockdown is over, it will be the last, don’t you think? Maybe I would also like to do a Hebrew course. Who has a good tip? Oh, oh, oh, the little man has another plan! Good day!

Ate Vegter, January 25, 2022

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