2790 Antoni Revisited

On Monday morning my urethra goes wrong. Everyone has such a thing and most of the time it goes well, but sometimes it goes wrong. Mine has been in trouble for a while now. I had surgery in December and since then I can urinate properly again, but I also have more problems with incontinence. I have to catheterize every day to prevent the urethra from closing up again. On Monday morning the catheterization is no longer possible. I get stuck, even on repeated attempts. Blood is flowing. I call the hospital and can immediately visit the Examination and Treatment Center (OBC).

Now they are going to see what is going on and to do this they go into the urethra with a camera, on their way to the bladder. I look at the monitor. It’s an interesting expedition and what do we see there? A rock! Holy shit, there’s a rock at the end of the urethra blocking the whole thing. That stone originated in the bladder, where it doesn’t bother you much, but now obstructs the route of the catheter. The doctors are all very friendly to me and I have long conversations with them while Dr. Kamp tries to catch the stone with a kind of fishing net, which then has to go out through the urethra.

In the end that doesn’t work. Now it must be done in the operation room. I will be rescheduled soon. I’m getting an indwelling catheter. Then I will be rid of all that socially obstructive leakage in one go. A great relief, although it feels a bit strange at the beginning and still. But that I will get used to. It has to be renewed every six weeks and it is better if there is not too much inflammation or bacterial contamination, because that is always a risk. Now everything is hunky dory again and I can sleep much better. I look forward to the next operation. A rock! I still can’t believe it.
Ate Vegter, January 17, 2023


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